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PIEZO1-HaloTag hiPSCs: Bridging Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Imaging

Bertaccini GA, Evans EL, Nourse JL, Dickinson GD, Liu G, Casanellas I, Seal S, Ly AT, Holt JR, Yan S, Hui EE, Panicker MM, Upadhyayula S, Parker I, Pathak MM.

bioRxiv (2023)

Membrane curvature governs the distribution of Piezo1 in live cell

Yang S, Miao X, Arnold S, Li B, Ly AT, Wang H, Wang M, Pathak MM, Zhao W, Cox CD, Shi Z

Nature Communications, 13(7467) (2022)

doi: 10.1038/s41467-023-36108-9 PDF

PIEZO1 regulates leader cell formation and cellular coordination during collective keratinocyte migration

Holt JR, Chen J, Evans EL, Lowengrub JS†, Pathak MM† 

bioRxiv (2022)

Single-particle tracking and machine-learning classification reveals heterogeneous Piezo1 diffusion

Tyagi V*, Ly AT*, Bertaccini GA, Evans EL, Freites JA, Tobias DJ†, Pathak MM†

bioRxiv (2022) 

*Tyagi V and Ly AT contributed equally and both have the right to list their name first in their CV


Piezo1 regulates cholesterol biosynthesis to influence neural stem cell fate during brain development

Nourse JL, Leung V, Abuwarda H, Evans EL, Izquierdo-Ortiz E, Ly A, Truong N, Smith S, Bhavsar H, Bertaccini G, Monuki E, Panicker MM, and Pathak MM

Journal of General Physiology, 154(10): e202213084. (2022)

doi10.1085/jgp.202213084 PDF

News article here


Spatiotemporal dynamics of PIEZO1 localization controls keratinocyte migration during wound healing

Holt, J. R., Zeng, W.-Z., Evans, E. L., Woo, S.-H., Ma, S., Abuwarda, H., Loud, M., Patapoutian, A.†, Pathak, M. M.†

eLife 2021;10:e65415 (2021)

doi10.7554/eLife.65415 PDF

News article here

Crosstalk Between CD11b and Piezo1 Mediates Macrophage Responses to Mechanical Cues

Atcha, H., Meli, V. S., Davis, C. T., Brumm, K. T., Anis, S., Chin, J., & Jiang, K., Pathak M. M., Liu W. F.

Frontiers in immunology, 12. (2021)

doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.689397 PDF

Ion channel mediated mechanotransduction in immune cells

Atcha, H., Jairaman, A., Evans, E. L., Pathak, M. M., Cahalan, M. D., & Liu, W. F.

Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 25(6), 100951. (2021)

doi: PDF


Piezo1 channels restrain regulatory T cell polarization but are dispensable for effector CD4+ T cell responses

Jairaman A*, Othy S*, Dynes JL, Yeromin AV, Zavala A, Greenberg ML, Nourse JL, Holt JR, Cahalan SM, Parker I, Pathak MM, and Cahalan MD

Science Advances, 7(28). (2021)

doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abg5859 PDF


Mechanically-activated ion channel Piezo1 modulates macrophage polarization and stiffness sensing

Atcha H, Jairaman A, Holt JR, Meli VS, Nagalla RR, Veerasubramanian PK, Brumm KT, Lim HE, Cahalan MD, Pathak MM, and Liu WF

Nature Communications, 12(1), 1-14. (2021) 

doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-23482-5 PDF


Mechanobiology of neural development

Abuwarda H, Pathak MM

Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 66:104-111 (2020)

doi10.1016/ PDF

Myosin-II mediated traction forces evoke localized Piezo1-dependent Ca2+ flickers

Ellefsen K*, Holt JR*, Chang A*, Nourse JL*, Arulmoli J, Mekhdijan A, Abuwarda H, Flanagan LA, Dunn AR, Parker I, Pathak MM

Communications Biology 2, Article number: 298 (2019) 

doi10.1038/s42003-019-0514-3 PDF

Mechanosensitive Ion Channel Piezo1 Regulates Diet-Induced Adipose Inflammation and Systemic Insulin Resistance

Zhao C, Sun Q, Tang L, Cao Y, Nourse JL, Pathak MM, Lu X, Yang Q

Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 10:373. (2019)

doi: 10.3389/fendo.2019.00373 PDF

How cells channels their stress: Interplay between Piezo1 and the Cytoskeleton.
Nourse JL, Pathak MM.               

Seminars in Cell and Development Biology. 71:3-12. (2017). PDF


The Hv1 proton channel responds to mechanical stimuli.
Pathak MM*, Tran T*, Hong L, Morris CE, Tombola F.
Journal of General Physiology. 148(5):405-418. (2016). 

Combination scaffolds of salmon fibrin, hyaluronic acid, and laminin for human neural stem cell and vascular tissue engineering.
Arulmoli J, Wright HJ, Phan Duc TT, Sheth U, Que RA, Botten GA, Keating M, Botvinick EL, Pathak Medha M, Zarembinski TI, Yanni DS, Razorenova OV, Hughes CCW, Flanagan LA.
Acta Biomaterialia. 43:122-38. (2016). 

Reflectin as a Material for Neural Stem Cell Growth.
Phan L*, Kautz R*, Arulmoli J, Kim I, Le DT, Shenk MA, Pathak MM†, Flanagan LA†, Tombola F†, Gorodetsky AA†.  
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 13;8(1):278-84. (2016). 

Before 2016

Static stretch affects neural stem cell differentiation in an extracellular matrix-dependent manner.
Arulmoli J, Pathak MM, McDonnell LP, Nourse JL, Tombola F, Earthman JC, Flanagan LA.

Scientific Reports. 5:8499. (2015). PDF

Stretch-activated ion channel Piezo1 directs lineage choice in human neural stem cells. 

Pathak MM†, Nourse JL, Tran T, Hwe J, Arulmoli J, Le DTT, Bernardis E, Flanagan LA, Tombola F†.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 111(45):16148-53. (2014). 

Evidence for functional diversity between the voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 and its closest related protein HVRP1.
Kim IH, Hevezi P, Varga C, Pathak MM, Hong L, Ta D, Tran CT, Zlotnik A, Soltesz I, Tombola F.
PLoS One. 9(8):e105926. (2014). 

Membrane biophysics define neuron and astrocyte progenitors in the neural lineage. 

Nourse JL*, Prieto JL*, Dickson AR, Lu J, Pathak MM, Tombola F, Demetriou M, Lee AP, Flanagan LA.
Stem Cells. 32(3):706-16. (2014). 

Voltage-sensing domain of voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 shares mechanism of block with pore domains.
Hong L, Pathak MM, Kim IH, Ta D, Tombola F.
Neuron. 77(2):274-87. (2013).

Commentary: Kalia & Schwartz. Common principles of voltage-dependent gating for Hv and Kv channels.

Neuron. 77(2):214-6. (2013). PDF

Closing in on the resting state of the Shaker K+ channel.
Pathak MM*, Yarov-Yarovoy V*, Roux B, Agarwal G, Kohout S, Barth P, Tombola F, Isacoff EY.
Neuron. 56(1):124-40. (2007). 

The twisted ion-permeation pathway of a resting voltage-sensing domain.
Tombola F, Pathak MM, Gorostiza P, Isacoff EY.
Nature. 445(7127):546-9. (2007). 

How does voltage open an ion channel?
Tombola F, Pathak MM, Isacoff EY.
Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology. 22:23-52. (2006).

How far will you go to sense voltage?
Tombola F, Pathak MM, Isacoff EY.
Neuron. 48:719-25. (2005). 

Voltage-sensing arginines in a potassium channel permeate and occlude cation-selective pores.

Tombola F, Pathak MM, Isacoff EY.
Neuron. 45:379-88. (2005). 

The cooperative voltage sensor motion that gates a potassium channel.
Pathak MM, Kurtz L, Tombola F, Isacoff EY.
Journal of General Physiology. 125:57-69. (2005). 

* Denotes Equal Contribution
† Corresponding authors.

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