We are committed to increasing diversity in science. Thanks to generous funding from the Howards Hughes Medical Center (HHMI) Gilliam Diversity Fellowship and UCI, we are organizing a series of events to support diversity at the graduate level. Check back for future events!


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Founder and CEO of Activate to Captivate

Bri McWhorter is the Founder and CEO of Activate to Captivate, where she teaches communication techniques from an actor’s point of view. She specializes in public speaking, scientific communications, interview skills, and interpersonal communications.


Improv to Improve Your Science Come learn "Improv" to keep you thinking on your feet. Knowing how to adapt and adjust is critical in science! Improv shows you how to prepare for and conquer high pressure situations whether you are brainstorming on a project, giving a talk at a conference or dealing with an experiment that just isn't working.

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Tuesday, Aug 24 Workshop I (1 - 2:30pm), Virtual
Thursday, Sept 16 Workshop II (10am - 11:30am), In-Person*
*or virtual, based on pandemic situation


PhD of Productivity®. Award-winning professor who now works with academics who prefer overjoyed to overwhelmed.

“Meggin is easy to follow and fun but right down to business.  She makes you think.” 

- Joyce Cutsforth, IL

The flow was very good. The topics that we talked about and the involvement of the people. It was a great topic. But the BEST was Meggin, the presenter, with a lot of insights and a very good way to communicate.” 

- Past Participant, UC Irvine

I liked that Meggin provided actionable tools that I can incorporate into my workday that will increase focus!” 

- Past Participant, UC Irvine

“Simple and elegant, yet informative and entertaining. That’s how I describe Meggin’s workshops. I don’t know how she does it but somehow, she is casual with the right touch of insight and professionalism. People could be intimidated by her confidence and yet, they aren’t because of her style and humor.”

- Past Participant

Dr. Meggin McIntosh is back by popular demand! Following up on her Time Management workshop, we present a Summer Workshop Series focusing on actionable strategies for tackling projects, writing and task overload. These skills are not taught in academic programs, but are critical to academic success. With effective systems, you can achieve both academic excellence and a vibrant life outside the lab!
Project Management: Hunks, Chunks & Bites This 2-part webinar offers structures and strategies for conceptualizing and completing your projects.  It is for academic trainees who have projects that they want to complete and are frustrated by not getting them completed—and who may not be sure why they aren’t getting them completed (or even started!)
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Friday, July 17th, 2020  Part I (1pm - 3pm)
Friday, July 24th, 2020  Part II (1pm - 3pm)
Friday, July 31st, 2020  Small Group Discussion (1pm - 2pm)
Navigating your Writing Path The requirements and expectations of your professional and personal life can easily squeeze out the time and energy you need to write. When you access this webinar you will learn a dozen strategies to increase writing productivity by getting organized as an academic. 
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Small Group Discussion Registration
Friday, August 14th, 2020 (1pm - 3pm)
Friday, August 21st, 2020 Small Group Discussion (1pm - 2pm)
Academic Calendaring Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about all you have to do? In this webinar, you will learn how to visualize and manipulate your monthly calendar like a storyboard, protect your time, energy, and attention so that you feel ‘just whelmed’ instead of overwhelmed, and set up your weekly planner.
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Small Group Discussion Registration
Friday, September 11th, 2020 (1pm - 3pm)
Friday, September 18th, 2020  Small Group Discussion (1pm - 2pm)
Can't attend due to a scheduling conflict? Please register for the workshop and you will receive a recording you can watch later (does not apply to discussion sessions). 
Attending the live event is recommended to get the most out of the active learning components of the workshop.
PhD of Productivity®. Award-winning professor who now works with academics who prefer overjoyed to overwhelmed.
Friday, April 24th, 2020  (1pm - 3pm)
Projects! Calendars! Tasks! Time! Scheduling! Learn how to strategically approach the stresses and pressures of the projects, the people, and the many particulars of life in this practical and energizing workshop. When you put the ideas you’ll learn into practice, you will more successfully progress through your life and career (including when there’s not a pandemic!).  More info
UCI trainees can request access to the webinar recording by emailing medhap@uci.edu.
Associate Vice Chancellor
for Diversity and Inclusion
College of Health Sciences
Tuesday, February 25th, 2020  (12pm - 2pm)
Gross Hall Conference Center
What am I doing here? Have you ever asked yourself - Do I belong in Grad School? Am I good enough to make it in research? Will my incompetence be discovered? These thoughts are very common in the competitive academic world and can be distressing at any stage of the academic journey. Rather than stay in the dark, you can talk it through with an expert! During this workshop, we will explore the imposter syndrome phenomenon and develop strategies to combat it through the cultivation of increased confidence and resilience. More info

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